Student Loans

The cost of post-secondary education—college, university, community college or career or trade schools—continues to rise. But pursuing higher education can be worth the investment.

Manage your student loan debt wisely. These articles and our FoolProofMe Student Loan Guide provide the information and Action Steps & Resources you need to do so.

Sink Student Loan Scams as Payment Freeze Thaws

Free Money for College - Guaranteed!

Why Do Underserved Students Go to For-Profit-Schools?

Trouble Paying Your Student Loans While Unemployed?

Should You Get a Student Loan?

Are You a Sucker for Student Loans?

Struggling with Student Loan Debt?

Student Loan Guide

Guía de Préstamos Estudiantiles

Skillfully Navigating Student Loans

Financing Higher Education

Financing Higher Education—Checking Out Education Loans

Options for Managing Your Student Loans

Have Student Loan Debt? Six Tips to Pay It Off Faster

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