African-American or Hispanic, and looking for a car? This dealership charged you more, FTC claims. $1.5 million paid out to victims.


The Federal Trade Commission is sending refunds totaling nearly $1.5 million to individuals who were affected by allegedly unlawful financing and sales practices by Bronx Honda.

According to the FTC, Bronx Honda and its general manager told sales employees to charge higher financing mark-ups and fees to African-American and Hispanic customers.

The defendants told employees that these groups should be targeted due to their limited education, and not to attempt the same practices with non-Hispanic white consumers.

The FTC further alleged that Bronx Honda failed to honor advertised sale prices, changed the sales price on paperwork in the middle of the sale without telling the consumer, double-charged consumers for taxes and fees, and misrepresented to consumers that they were required to pay extra reconditioning and warranty fees to purchase "certified" vehicles.

The FTC is providing refunds, averaging about $371 each, to 3,977 victims of Bronx Honda's practices. Those who receive checks should deposit or cash their checks within 60 days, as indicated on the check.

The FTC never requires people to pay money or provide account information to cash a refund check.

Take Control

Once again, the underserved are being targeted!!! So, what can you do when shopping for that dream car? Check out FoolProof's Car Buying Guide and other resources below.