Credit impacts almost everything that you do.

Want to own your own crib some day? A bad credit score will keep you from getting a mortgage with a good interest rate—or any mortgage at all. Want a better job? Plenty of employers won't hire you if your credit is bad.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about credit. What actions usually determine your credit score? How do you start building credit? Or repair it when your credit is already hurt?

Yearning to Increase Your Credit Score?

Are Credit Score Apps Good to Use?

From Credit Card to Credit Score?

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Renting? Do You Know Your Tenant Score?

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Car Repossession: There's Only Bad and Ugly

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New Credit, New Identity

Lynn's Robbery-Followed-by-Identity-Theft Scam

Can Your Credit Card Limit Be Lowered?

Got Bad Credit? Scammers Are After You!

Can a Big Bank Be Bad? Very Bad?

Beware of Offers to Improve Your Credit Score

What You Need to Know About the Equifax Data Breach Settlement

What Is the UltraFICO Credit Score and What Will It Mean to You?

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