Facebook Updates Its "Access Your Information" Feature

Facebook has updated its "Access Your Information" tool that allows users to see their personal information and activities across the site.

With these changes, it's a good time to review your privacy settings.

The tool also allows users to see how that information might be used to target ads to them. It is already available for iOS and Android devices and will be rolled out soon for other platforms.

Here are some of the changes that were made. The tool now has 8 categories instead of 2 broad categories. They are: Your Activity Across Facebook, Friends and Followers, Preferences, Personal Information, Logged Information, Ads Information, Apps and Websites Off of Facebook, Security and Login Information. In addition, a search function has been added.

Once you've checked out the updated tool, you should review your privacy settings. This article provides instructions for 12 ways to protect your personal information from other uses and manage some data collection.

WhatsApp Updates Its Privacy Policy

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has updated its privacy policy. The update relates to optional business features and increases transparency on how data is collected and used. The business features allow users to contact a business for customer service or to shop through their Facebook or Instagram Shop. These business features will be available May 15th.

Users will need to review and accept the new privacy policy to continue to use WhatsApp. Due to concerns about the changes, WhatsApp has extended acceptance of the new policy to May 15th.

With these changes, it's a good time to review your privacy settings. This article describes how to use WhatsApp privacy settings.